Is attraction more than just a physical and financial thing?


When it comes to powers of attraction, men aren’t particularly complicated creatures.  Just witnessing the youthful charms of any gorgeous female is usually enough to get them all hot about the collar!

We know this statement may seem abrupt but it’s been proven throughout evolution.  Is it this straightforward for women, though?  Is the only thing women find attractive, a financial benefit?

We think this needs further exploration…

Financial Vs. Physical

Do you think that a good financial stance in life will enable you to get any girl you desire?  Well, you may not be expecting this, but money isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!

Some women do find a wealthy attractive, but this seems to be the case only when they are looking for a long-term provider, as opposed to a long-term lover.  Obviously, having no money worries enables us to feel more stable in life and the ability to raise children in a very specific manner.  But when it comes to the actual baby-making process, it seems that looks sway us more than how much he has in the bank.

According to Richard Dawkins, in his book, The Selfish Gene, “one of the most desirable qualities a male can have in the eyes of a female” is that of sexual attractiveness.  Unconsciously, they look for specific elements in a man which they feel decide a good gene pool, high fertility levels and require a man to be competitive.  Women want all of these things to be replicated in their own children so look for these qualities in a partner.  As Robin Baker writes in Sperm Wars, all of the elements a woman looks for are required as “a genetic constitution that would also be desirable in her children.”

We’ve worked out the attraction if the sole interest is baby-making, but what if babies aren’t the goal, you just want a date?

When it comes to dating, it seems like looks only give you a foot in the door, but money is much more helpful.

When money is gained, the status changes of the individual, along with their social hierarchy.  As long as you don’t stand discussing just how impressive your wealth is, you will automatically seem more attractive to women.  Do you remember that one really popular jock at school who never had a problem attracting the most gorgeous girl?

Well, that’s more about social proof.  It’s the most powerful method of attracting women, supposedly more successful than combining physical attractiveness and financial success.

We need Proof!

We all know someone in our lives whom we’ve classed as being a “social climber.”  It’s a way of referring an individual, in a jokey manner, who makes it rather obvious that they want to be the friend of the most popular people, just to enhance their social status.  They see the popular people as being their fast-track ticket to the top.  This is not something that ceases in the school playground though.  It’s actually a really common and very successful technique for picking up women because women love status.

For example, if you have a fun group of pretty friends and you are the main event, your value will be raised.  As described in The Art of Seduction, “the illusion that you are desired by others will make you more attractive to your victims than your beautiful face or perfect body.”

Guys, next time you are heading for a night out, make you sure you don’t end up just looking like a pack of hungry wolves!  Instead, try making it apparent that you’re well connected and have nice, loyal friends, and this will be sure to make the girls notice you more.  Also, if a girl sees that you are attractive to others, this will make her want you more!

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Reputation is important when it comes to being attractive, so if she knows you’ve “been around the block” a few times, then this must make you a real no-go area for her…surely?

Your Reputation

A lot of men feel that women will think that they cannot be trusted and are incapable of being in a serious relationship if she knows about them having a bad reputation.  Therefore they often lie or keep it very quiet.  Strangely, this is the wrong thing to do though.  Having a “reputation” is actually very attractive to women!

Innocence is sweet, but it seems that women want a man with experience who is popular with the ladies.  This is made clear in Sperm Wars, “The more effectively he stimulates her, the more experienced he should be – and hence the greater number of women who have so far found him to be attractive.”

So stop apologizing for being a ladies man, having the “reputation” you have is discussed in The Art of Seduction as being “an effective way of creating an aura of desirability.”

Stand out from the crowd

Take a look into the animal kingdom and you will quickly notice that it’s the male in most species that displays a variety of sexually attractive gaudy colors.  Most female animals are quite dull in color by comparison.  This is because it’s the male that needs to stand out in order to have success with the ladies!

Just watch this mating ritual of the bird of paradise and you’ll see why it’s so important to stand out from the crowd:

Why, therefore, as humans, are we completely the opposite, with women doing the dressing to impress and not the men?

No, we aren’t suggesting that it would be really effective for you guys out there to buy a pair of killer stilettos in an attempt to replicate your favorite woman.  We are merely asking if men dressed in a more colorful way, if men stood out in their appearance, if men dressed to impress, would they be more successful with picking up women?  According to the animal world, this would make sense!

Ever heard of the term “Peacocking”?  This is a phrase coined by Mystery in The Game.  They were inspired by Darwin and created this phrase because it is directly comparable with the peacock itself.  The Red Queen, written by Matt Ridley, explains that “peacocks have long tails because peahens will only mate with peacocks that have long tails.”

This logic and approach of “peacocking” can actually be applied to humans.  You can stand out from the crowd and attract a girl’s attention by wearing bright clothes, blingy accessories, and eccentric shoes.  According to The Game skeptics and the like, this is a really effective way of bagging yourself THE girl.

It is thought that looking average will enable you to attract a wider variety of woman but as Neil Strauss writes, this is incorrect.  The Game states that “if you look average, you’re going to get average girls.  You need to be bigger than life!”


If you want to increase your popularity with the ladies, listen up!

Having financial security and being a good-looking guy are helpful qualities to have, but social proof is the key to your success.  This is good news because this is one of few things that is within your power to change, if you so desire.  So why not do something about it?

In this article, we proved that going out in a mixed group will make you far more approachable.

Do you think money and your natural good looks help you to catch her attention?  Or do you fancy becoming a peacock?

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