Girlfriend Activation System Review – Must Read!

This is my personal review of the girlfriend activation system and how I think it can work for you. 

Finding a woman who would love to be your soul mate is a challenge. You wouldn’t know when you’d slip up and go back to square one. When you commit even the smallest mistake in texting her, inviting her out on a date, or asking her to make things official, it might ruin everything for you. If you want a foolproof way to dating and finding a soul mate, you can use the Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS).


Ignore all girlfriend activation system downloads & leaks of the series!

It is an online video program developed to teach men the step-by-step methods in finding a sweetheart. It boosts your confidence and your way of interacting with women so you can put in the foundation of a successful long-term relationship with the girl of your dreams.

The program consists of more than 10 hours of video lessons and access to an online community forum with 100,000+ active members. It is one of the most popular dating products these days, which is why it is worth your time to visit its homepage.

The first thing that you need to know about this workshop is that it does not teach you to pick up chicks for a hot one-night stand. Instead, this is the perfect course for men who want to pursue a long-term relationship with high-quality women. It is designed to help you find the woman who you’ll settle with for the rest of your life or the woman who can give you the companionship and emotional bond that you want in a partner.


If you are looking for a good woman, then you have to be ready to work hard to get her. This course can guide you toward that goal.

The series is all about improving your game. Once you have nailed it down, then it will teach you how to meet and date girls.

If you don’t want to invest effort in getting a companion, then this course is not for you.

The Creator of Girlfriend Activation System, Christian Hudson, Rocks!

The man behind the series is Christian H. He started a relationship and dating company while aiming to guide men in building their social skills, including getting friends, attracting women, and widening their social networks, feeling comfortable with the lifestyle of the rich, and improving themselves as a man.

Christian has built a name for himself as one of the leaders for men who want to build successful relationships with the right women. He has been featured in FHM, Men’s Health, and even CNN. So far, he has reached out to almost a million men with the help of his one-on-one coaching and dating courses.

His company has published several online courses, tackling different topics, such as boosting their confidence, overcoming the fear of rejection, meeting women, texting women, dating women, and more. His course was designed with men who have grown frustrated in their attempts to get girlfriends in mind. He knows how many men out there struggle to understand how the female mind works and how to meet the right girl who can turn into the perfect girlfriend.

During the course, Christian talks about how dating did not come easy to him either. However, he later observed a specific pattern in the dating process. Before he gets a girlfriend, there are a few things that happen along the way. He learned that once you find your patter or program and it works, use it over and over again until you figure out what makes it work. This was how his five-step program was created.


The Tips to Become the Best Boyfriend

If you are picky about finding the right girl to be your steady partner, complete with a list of characteristics that she should possess, you should not forget to look at yourself either. If you want the best, you also need to the best.

Finding a soulmate is one of the biggest challenges of dating. It is so much easier to get a girl for one-night stands or casual flings. This is because girls have an even longer list of the things that they want to find in a man who they want to settle with.

According to Christian, there are a few character traits that women look for in a man. This is what you will learn in the first part of the system.

Christian discovers all the traits that make men attractive to women. Once you have included them in your inner game, it will be easier to make yourself look attractive to women.

These traits are only visible if you have masculine power, which is what makes women go gaga.

Masculine power is made up of six main ingredients, such as competence, mysterious, dominance, sexual, challenging, and genuine. If you have all these six traits, prepare for women to come after you.

The next module after the modules about teaching the traits women love in men is all about embedding these traits in yourself.

This is the part of the course where popular dating coaches appear on the program, such as Nick Sparks, Alex Allman, Jason Capital, and David Wygant. They participate in the program as they present inspiriting topics.

The course shows how to apply the theories when it comes to dating. This is usually the weakness in other dating products because the theories that they foster cannot be used in real life. It certainly is so much better to learn with visual aids.

What men really like was the demo on how to bravely go in for the first kiss. It requires pushing a girl against a wall and tentatively kissing her at first.

The Science of Attraction and Using It to Get a Girlfriend with The Girlfriend Activation System

There are so many dating programs and pick up artist series in the market that it can be confusing which one to choose. However, you can be assured that the series will be worth the money that you are going to spend on it. It focuses mainly on how you should approach a woman for the first time and how to leave such a good impression on her that it will increase her attraction to you.

If you are curious about how the dating experts assess the program, they said that the flow of the program focuses on forming the initial impression is really essential to long-term dating. It might not seem like a revolutionary idea at first, but it is really important. In fact, Princeton University researchers cited that it takes a tenth of a second for a person to decide whether the person they met for the first time is attractive and reliable.


It is natural for you to be attracted to a person beyond her physical appearance. However, the neuroscientists at Harvard University and New York University have noted that even during brief encounters, the brain is quick enough to assess the value in the people that you meet. The same goes for girls. They are also quick at assessing guys the moment they meet.

A millisecond determines whether the woman is worth turning into a girlfriend or categorizing into the friend zone. It is enough time to determine whether you’re just a friend or an appropriate boyfriend material for her.

This only means one thing – first impressions are important in setting your path towards being a boyfriend or a friend.

Another thing discussed in the workshop is the social exchange theory. This refers to the tendency of people to choose other people who are more or less at the same level for a long-term relationship.

When people meet for the first time, they assess each other in terms of physical appearance, social rank, financial status, and other personality traits. They even rate each other and if the rewards win over the risks, it won’t take long before they get it on. This only shows the Christian’s theories are also supported by science, making them applicable in real life.

There are many other theories included in the course which are rooted in the female and human psychology. Don’t worry about not being able to understand these theories because Christian does a good job of explaining them. The good thing is that he does not go into so much detail that you would feel as though you’re reading a psychology book.

What you need to know is that Christian’s system has a good scientific foundation that makes it valuable. It is not simply about getting a girl’s attention to pick her up. If you know that you are using a great product, you can feel confident about applying it when you try to approach a girl. This is the beauty of the workshop.

My in-depth Review: The Components of the Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS)

Before you buy the series it is important that you know its components. There are two versions that you can use.

The Girlfriend Activation System Version 2 (GFAS V2) includes videos, written transcripts, and audio files obtained from the two-day seminar held by Christian and other guest speakers. Here are its key points:

  • Part 1: Introduction. This explains how the course can help and what made Christian do it, along with the founding of his company. It also covers the foundation of the course, which was literotica, such as the 50 Shades of Grey, and the different ways to make women obsessed over you.
  • Part 2: Masculine Power. This covers a woman’s typical “Obsession Story.” It explains how women naturally respond positively to certain characteristics in men. Basically, women love feeling the masculine power in men and be in awe of it.
  • Part 3: Masculine Power (a continuation). This explains the different components of masculine power, such as competence, dominance, challenging, sexual, genuine, and mysterious. It evens shows how Alex, the female volunteer, shows the effect of masculine power.
  • Part 4: Question and Answer with Alex. This discusses how Alex felt during her demo with Christian.
  • Part 5: Sexuality (Nick Sparks). This segment is presented by Nick Sparks, a social dynamics expert and a Master Coach. It discusses how to start befriending a girl and how to take it to the next level, which is romance. Nick shows simple techniques on how to be interested in Alex and to attract her without being aggressive or creepy.
  • Part 6: Being a Challenge (Jason Capital). Jason Capital is a dating coach who has been in the industry for 5 years. He talks about how to present yourself as a challenge to women and how this can affect her.
  • Part 7: Being Genuine (Alex Allman). Alex Allman is an intimacy and sex expert who has been in the business since 2007. He discusses how women are naturally attracted to guys who show their sincerity, how powerful it can be, and how to show it to the woman that you like.
  • Part 8: Dominance (David Wygant). David Wygant is one of the top dating coaches with 20 years of experience. He talks about how important dominance is in establishing masculine power and how to achieve it, especially when it comes to approaching women.
  • Part 9: Boyfriend Material. This part of the course talks about the characteristics of a great boyfriend, someone who makes her feel appreciated and beautiful. Christian also talks about the seven things that will convince her that you are perfect for her.
  • Part 10: Q&A. This is where Christian answers the common questions of his followers.
  • Part 11: The Obsession. This wraps the course in a nice red ribbon as an end for day one of the course.


Based on the schedule above, it is obvious that you will be getting more than what you’re paying for. And here is part two of the of the program:

  • Part 12: Introduction (on day 2). Christian recaps the materials included in the first section of the system.
  • Part 13: Impression. This is a continuation of the Obsession Story. Christian talks about the techniques that will make you different from the other guys leaving a good impression on the girl’s mind. He also talks about primary, passive, and active values that will make this feeling a positive one. He teaches men how to find girls of like-minds to boost their chances of meeting “the one.”
  • Part 14: King Game. This section of the course discusses how to live your life like the real leader that you are, waiting for women to go after you instead of the other way around. This is mainly about putting yourself in the positive light.
  • Part 15: Impression (Nick Sparks). This time, Nick discusses the techniques to approach women and strike a conversation. He also gives three tips on how to create a good lasting impression on her.
  • Part 16: Being articulate. Christian teaches men how to strike a conversation using simple techniques that are easy to implement. He knows how you can get her attention and attract her to you the first time you approach her. He also talks about the step-by-step process in building rapport after introducing yourself to her.
  • Part 17: Resetting Impression. This is important to men who are in the friend-zone, but who want to be more than just that. Christian talks about how you can factor in your sexuality in the relationship to put you in the new light and make her think about you as a man, not just a friend.
  • Part 18: Inspection. This part talks about dating a girl and how to avoid the stumbles before the dating stage. Christian teaches men how to pass girls’ inspection during this stage and how to deal with the uncertain results after her inspection. For him, it is important not to rush this process.
  • Part 19: First Date. Christian uses this part to teach men about how to prepare for the first date, such as which day to choose for the date, what activities to do, and who should pay, among other things. He also discusses the things that you should and shouldn’t do when you meet, what to talk about, what to ask her about, how to build sexual tension, how to squeeze in the possibility of a second date, and how to follow-up on that first date. Tips about how to handle the first date are also included.
  • Part 20: Social Date. This part tackles how getting your new girl to mix with your crowd may end up in a disaster, or how it can be very beneficial for your budding relationship. Don’t worry. It will be the perfect social date for you, your girl, and your friends, with Christian’s help.
  • Part 21: Sex Date. If you’re ready to level up, make sure to read this part in Christian’s course. It is all about staging the movie and dinner at your place. He teaches you about preparing dinner, choosing a movie, and filling your time after the movie. He also talks about how to build up the sexual tension, how to enjoy the company, how to make the evening feel more sensual than ever, and how to take your mind off the “sex” part of the date.
  • Part 22: Intimacy. This is the last stage of the Girlfriend Activation System, where you proceed from dating to the girlfriend/boyfriend stage. Christian included a lot of do’s and don’ts in this part when it comes to dealing with the time after sex and building a deeper connection with her.
  • Part 23: Conclusion. Christian summarizes the lessons throughout his course and what it takes to deserve a woman’s obsession.


The Girlfriend Activation System Forum

If you’re looking for support from the actual users of the community, the SM Members Community is the perfect forum for you. It is accessible online using a private member’s area. However, this is only available to those who have paid for the video series. You can access it on any computer with an Internet connection.

There are three separate forums in this online community, including General Discussion, Text Messaging, and Client Feedback and Reviews.

Go to the General Discussion forum if you’re looking for tips, adventures, and stories related to dating.

Or go to the Text Messaging forum if you’re looking for ways to share your text messages with girls, who you’ve succeeded with or who you’ve long wanted to become your girlfriend.

You can use the Client Feedback and Reviews forum to post about your own feedback of the system or to read about other men’s feedback.


Let’s not forget to review the bonuses!

Christian is quite generous in selling his video workshop. His series alone is jam-packed with a lot of dating tips and techniques all rolled into one. In addition to that, you will also get bonuses, such as the following:

  • The Breathtaking Hello. This teaches you how to strike a conversation with some openers that will create a lasting impression on her.
  • Complete Confidence Hypnosis. This consists of confidence-building audiobooks to improve your game.
  • Sexual Texting. This guide teaches you how to turn regular texting into sexting so it will be easier on her to send you intimate pictures of her.
  • Endless Conversations. This will show you the perfect formula to start a conversation without the risk of being friend-zoned.
  • The Ten Code. Christian gives you a 14-day free trial of this 12-month course that will teach you the secrets of men who are rated a perfect ten.

You can get the system and more than 20 bonuses, including the ones mentioned above, for only $67. It is also covered by the 60day-money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the product in any way, just email Christian and you will get a refund right away.

GFAS ReviewReview Verdict: The Benefits of Getting The Course

Why should you get the Girlfriend Activation System? Here are the best reasons to do so:

  • It is a proven effective course that guides men in the meeting, dating, and building a long-term relationship with a girl. In fact, it was rated #1 dating course for men who want to find a soulmate.
  • It is user-friendly. Christian uses demos and video lectures that make it easier to understand what he is teaching and how to apply his theories in real life.
  • It focuses on dating and building a relationship. It is more than just getting laid. Instead, it is about forming a deeper connection with her so she will decide to settle with you.
  • It is great value for money. For only $67, you will get the GFAS, its more than 10 hours of video footage, and more than 20 bonuses.

If you want a dating product that you will not regret buying, this series.


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