9 Unusual Places To Pick Up Girls


Although clubs and bars are the most popular places to pick up women, they can get a bit boring over time. Chances are you’ve tried picking up girls on a night out from the minute you were old enough to go out!

If you’re fed up of your pickup routines and are looking to meet some new people, then you’ll want to check out the following 9 unusual places to pick up women.

Yoga Class

One of the most important things in pick up is being able to stand out and attract attention, and one place you’ll be able to do this effortlessly is in a yoga class. Yoga classes tend to be full of beautiful women and hardly any – if any at all – men to distract them.

However, trying to chat up a beautiful woman while she’s mid-pose probably isn’t the best idea. Yoga is supposed to be a spiritual and therapeutic experience that requires a certain level of concentration. So you can only imagine how irritating it will be for your dream woman to be distracted from her flow by some random guy whispering sweet nothings to her.  

If you’re going to try to pick up women at a yoga class then you need to be considerate when trying to find the best opportunity to talk to her. We’d recommend approaching her either before or after your class together.

If you are completely new to yoga, then we’d recommend you try out some poses at home first. You don’t want to meet your dream girl when you’re a clumsy, sweaty mess!

Public Transport

You can make your daily commute to work a whole lot more interesting by putting your pickup skills to the test. But, boy is this certainly a test for you!

Of course, subways, trains, and buses are jam-packed with potential partners but that is precisely why they’re difficult places to get your game on. They’re jam-packed with other commuters who will be watching your every move from the moment you approach the girl.

Sure, if things go well this won’t be too much of a problem – but imagine the embarrassment if you’re rejected on the spot. Things can get pretty awkward and if you are unfortunate enough to experience this on the subway, then we’d recommend making a swift change of carriages as soon as you can!

For pickup in public spaces, try Richard La Ruina’s Stealth Seduction System to avoid prying eyes and ears on your game. These techniques rely on under-the-radar approaches, which are preferable when you’ve got an audience.

Start a conversation with the girl you’ve got your eye on as though you already know her. Lines like “hey, how have you been?” and the classic “fancy seeing you here!” can be a great way to break the ice and start the conversation. Once the two of you have made a connection, you can explain to her your motives for this approach and you can encourage her to keep acting as though you know each other.

If you play this well, it can be so effective. Girls love a playful conversation!

Dog Walking

Parks are one of the main locations women feel comfortable being approached and chatted up by guys, as they are open spaces that can encourage conversations.

When it comes to taking walks in the park, it just looks better if you have a dog with you. Puppies can make the perfect wingmen – providing you stay clear of intimidating breeds like pit bulls or rottweilers.

Even if you aren’t the proud owner of a pooch yourself, you can still use this pickup technique. Simply volunteer a couple of hours a week to your local dog walking company or borrow a mate’s dog whenever you want to go for a walk. Not only will this dog, borrowed or otherwise, help attract women but once they find out how caring and charitable you are, they’ll want to stay for sure!

Dogs can be great wingmen anywhere, so don’t just limit yourself to the park. Anywhere that welcomes dogs, like cafes, diners or shopping malls can be a great opportunity to approach and attract women

Sports Clubs

Sporting events can be a great way to pick up girls who have similar interests to you, but it can also be quite a tricky situation. It really depends on what kind of sports or activity you go for.

For example, chatting up girls at the gym, which are usually pretty great uni-sex locations, can be a terrible move. For the most part, working out is a solitary activity and that’s how most women want to keep it. We can’t imagine any girl getting her workout on, earbuds in and focus on, would appreciate being approached by a sweaty guy with a dumbbell in one hand and his phone in the other.

So other than yoga, what other sports are a good chance to chat up women? We recommend either joining a tennis club or a late night jogging team.

Evening Classes

After work classes can be a great way to meet new women. By taking the time to learn something new, you’re showing the women around you that you’re dedicated and educated – both of which are important qualities girls look for in guys.

Even better, most classes require pre-payment for a series of classes that can last for weeks, meaning that you have plenty of time to build connections and a rapport with your girl.

The best classes to pick up women in are:

  • Language
  • Dance
  • Cooking
  • Arts and crafts

If you are going to start an evening class, make sure you pick something you are actually interested in. Don’t make it so obvious that you’re only there for the women; it’ll save you a whole lot of embarrassment later on.

Art Galleries and Museums

If you are wanting to become a more interesting person, and therefore better at picking up women, then getting into culture can be a great way to start.

Not only are most local galleries and museums free to enter, but you can meet a whole range of women there who normally visit unaccompanied.

The best way to start a conversation with a girl in one of these locations is through opinion openers. Show off your knowledge and emotional depth, while also asking for her opinions to learn more about her too. Having deep conversations about the art or exhibition in front of you can be a great way to build a connection and is an organic way to start talking to her. As long as you know what you’re talking about, then it can be a really effective way to chat her up.

The Library

If you’re looking for a more reserved, intellectual girl then the library is the best place to go. There’s a reason why libraries are such a popular location in romantic comedies!

Just remember to be respectful – we can’t imagine any girl would be happy to be approached in this location by a loudmouthed bloke. If you want to play the cheesy game, then try asking her where the quiet section is. At the very least it’ll get you a laugh, but at best it starts a conversation and gives you a chance to flirt with her.

Music Festivals

Music festivals come with a very unique, free-for-all type energy that can be really useful in picking up women. People at music festivals are normally just there to enjoy the music and good vibes, which makes approaching girls a hell of a lot easier.

In these circumstances, girls are likely to be more open to being approached then say in a club or bar. However, when trying to chat her up to remember where you are and why the girls are there. Sure, she might like being chatted up by you but she won’t appreciate being pulled away from her favorite bands or her friends.

Keep your interactions in this situation short and casual. Once you managed to get her number, keep the connection going by inviting her and her friends to an awesome after-gig party.

Meetup.com is certainly one of the most unique pickup locations we could recommend! It’s a great website that allows users to search for people in their local area who share the same interests as you and (as the name suggests) encourages you to meet up.

There are groups for people who are into certain languages; hobbies; generations and anything else you can think of. Trust us, no matter what you’re into they’ll be someone on this website for you!

Visiting a range of different places not only makes you a more interesting person but also gives you a chance to try out your pickup skills.

If you are going to visit any of these locations, like walking through the park, going to a gallery or trying an exercise class then you need to dust off your day game.

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